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Since his 14th exhibition, Hongjoo Sakong depicted 64 hexagrams from “I Ching,” or the ancient Chinese “Book of Change” in order to visualize the energy in his work. 

“The book has been the subject of study and research for many philosophers for centuries. From an artistic perspective, the 64 hexagrams, consisting of broken and unbroken six lines, hold a great aesthetic value,” said the artist. 


Each painting, decorated with lean color strokes, symbolizes good wishes for family, health, prosperity, a rich harvest and more. 

His works presents 23 ink-and-wash paintings with bold calligraphic strokes through which the artist attempts to portray the “good energy” in the universe. The hexagrams are made up of patterns of six broken and unbroken lines, each representing the underlying order of human beings and nature, according to the ancient Chinese book.  

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